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Private Investigation

Some problems cannot be solved by a smile and a handshake and will sometimes require a more dramatic approach Surveillance and Private Investigation is a specialist area – ES&I’s specialist area.

In this ever changing world surveillance has become method of gathering intelligence and information. Here At Executive Surveillance & Investigators we draw from Specialist Private Detectives, former Army Intelligence, the Security Services, and the Police force. Our teams of Private Investigators and Detectives are professional and diligent and have had years of operational experience We provide services for Corporate clients, local authorities, and private individuals. We provide comprehensive and detailed reports including pictures and footage that will stand up in the Courts if needed.

Private Investigators


Experience and expertise is required to follow an individual over a prolonged period of time and remain undetected during the process. It may include watching a static target such as an office building or house to see who goes in and comes out. It could be a mobile target following someone on the move by car or on foot or even in some cases, tracking someone using the latest technology such as GPRS.

From cheating wives and husbands to fraudulent employees and everything in between, there are quite a few reasons why a private individual might want to employ a Private investigator or surveillance operative.

We cater for ALL of the following most commen issues, but not limited to:

* Matrimonial/relationship problems. It’s never an easy thing to face but the truth is that some relationships do break down and people unfortunately do have affairs. Finding out if your ‘better’ half is up to some mischief can give you the ammunition you need if litigation is to follow.


* Family members in trouble. Kids can be a worry at the best of times but if you’re not sure if they’re getting themselves in trouble then it might be time to covertly check them out and find out what they are up to. That can also include monitoring their online behaviors.

* Commercial Surveillance Services. Maybe an employee who has gone on long term sick leave, or you suspect them of theft from your business, we can uncover the real truth, as there are numerous reasons why a business would want to employ a surveillance service in today’s competitive environment.

We here at ES&I can provide a discreet, sophisticated, confidential, professional surveillance and investigations services, while keeping within current legislation and staying on the right side of the law, still finding out what is going on where and how.

We can work quickly and efficiently, keeping costs low for you, the client.

We are highly understanding in sensitive situations and our agents will deliver the results to all the questions that have been on your mind, backed up with concrete and coherent evidence including the person’s whereabouts and activities.

All of our Private Detectives are certified, vetted and with professional indemnity and public liability insurance, you can rest assured that your case is in safe and capable hands.

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Your Security, Discretion & Reputation Come First


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.